Group Health Insurance

If you operate a business in the Las Vegas area, offering benefits can be beneficial to you and your employees. A recent study by Harvard Business Review found that every dollar spent by employers on health intervention yielded a $6 return. Healthier employees often cost employers less. They also found that happy employees are more productive.

You may be very experienced with group benefits and just want to make sure you are getting the best rates and options. We will quote your group plan with multiple carriers to be sure you are not overpaying.

If you are new to group benefits, we can help you too. We will make the complicated regulations simple and help you find the best options.

One of the recent trends in group health insurance in Las Vegas is that even small employers are beginning to offering benefits. Over the past few years, many small businesses turned their employees to to purchase plans. Now that the options on the marketplace continue to be fewer and fewer, many small businesses in Las Vegas have taken action and are now offering group health coverage.

Who We Serve:

We serve business with 1 to 1000 employees in the Las Vegas area. We review the group health insurance offerings in the Las Vegas area on an ongoing basis to ensure we offer the very best solutions to our clients.

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How Do You Get a Quote?

We will need information about your business and employees to properly quote a group health insurance plan. We will need to know what kind of business you operate, where the business is headquartered (usually in Las Vegas or Clark County), and lastly, we will need to know demographic information about your employees.


If you have made the decision to offer benefits to your employees, call us. We work with every major insurance company and will quote all of the group options in Las Vegas. We will make it simple for you to offer group benefits to your employees!