Why Sun City Financial?


Doing the right thing is not a strategy, it’s a way of life. It starts with our people. You. 

We understand that we are only as good as our people. Taking care of relationships has been, and will continue to be, the key to our success. 


Sun City Financial is the largest independent agency producer of Medicare plans in Nevada. But there is more to leadership than being at the front. It’s about having the tools, training, support, and vision to help more people achieve success today than yesterday.


It’s hard to explain in a few words how completely different Sun City Financial is from other Medicare FMOs in Nevada. Many agents selling Medicare have “a guy” who they contract with. Not you. You will have an entire team guiding you to the pinnacle of your career. 

Best-in-Class Tools and Support


In-Person Classroom Training, In-the-Field Support, Product Training & Real-World Sales Training


Quoting App & Website, Online Applications, Free Meeting Space, Proprietary Agent Portal


Branding, Retail Kiosks, Walmart Booths, Seminars, Affiliate & Provider Marketing Support


Lifetime Renewals, Retention Support, Agency Growth & General Agent Opportunities Available


Exclusive Leads, Discounted Direct Mail Programs, Online Leads, Targeted Lead Lists


Full-Service Compliance Department, Compliant Customizable Marketing Materials

Frequently Asked Questions

Sun City Financial supports two kinds of agents, independent (brokers) and employed agents (Medicare Store agents).

Independent agents (brokers) receive best-in-class support, tools, training, lead opportunities, and even marketing dollars.

Medicare Store agents benefit from the power of the Medicare Store brand.

Absolutely. Independent brokers who contract through Sun City Financial have full ownership of their book of business. 

Yes. Independent brokers who contract through Sun City Financial receive full agent commissions. In addition, almost all carriers pay commissions directly to you. Carriers compensate us with administrative fees (overrides) to support and develop agents and brokers. 

Medicare Store agents must be hired by one of our sales managers. If you are interested in becoming a Medicare Store agent, please contact us directly or apply for one of our open positions on http://www.themedicarestore.com

The primary costs associated with being contracted and certified are the cost of E&O insurance and the cost of the AHIP exam.

If you do not already have E&O insurance, we have affordable options for you. It typically costs $30-$40 a month. Disclosure: We do not receive any compensation for E&O insurance.

The AHIP exam currently costs $125 and is taken once a year.

Training is our competitive advantage. We can proudly say that our training is truly world-class! Yes, it often begins in a classroom, but our sales support goes beyond classroom and into the field with you. From appointment setting, to enrollment, you will have support and training that will exceed your expectations.

Yes! There are many opportunities for growth in Medicare insurance and with Sun City Financial. Whether you are growing and book of business, or growing an agency, everything you need to do both is found here!

You will have access to lead programs, affiliate and provider marketing, retail and Walmart opportunities, direct mail, and even co-op dollars. 

We are masters at marketing Medicare plans. With our help, you will find the marketing program that works best for you.

Yes. It’s worth it for those who appreciate helping people for a living and receiving residual income to do it!

While it is difficult to get contracted and certified. We think that is a good thing. First, we don’t want anyone assisting seniors who isn’t well-trained and competent. Second, a barrier to entry is good in our eyes because it protects our industry from over-saturation of agents.