Medicare Advantage Insurance Plans

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage insurance is also known as Medicare Part C.

It provides all of the coverage that you would get from Parts A, B, and D and it is administered by private insurance companies. These plans have several different options that you should know about before choosing this type of insurance.

You are required to use in-network providers. If you are looking for Medicare in Las Vegas, you have a number of plan options. If you do choose a Medicare AdvantagePlan, you will probably be limited to using providers who are considered “in-network” for that particular insurance company.


Medicare Advantage Plans in Las Vegas


Many Medicare Advantage Plans have no premiums. Medicare pays a fixed amount to private insurers to cover the cost of your care. This allows many insurance companies to offer plans with zero premiums.

Co-pays are usually required. Each health service that you receive will probably require you to pay your co-pay. It is important to understand what the co-pay costs will be before choosing a plan. Medicare insurance brokers at Sun City Financial can help you find out the co-pay charges on different insurance plans.

There is a maximum annual out-of-pocket limit on a Medicare Advantage Plan. Once you hit the annual limit for out-of-pocket expenses, you won’t have to pay anything else for your healthcare for the rest of the year.

Includes prescription coverage. Most plans include prescription drug coverage, but some do not. Make sure that you understand all of the benefits that you will receive prior to signing up for any Medicare Advantage plan.

There is a limited amount of time during which you can enroll or change your Medicare Advantage Plan. It is important to take note of these requirements as well as the qualifications for special election periods. Ask an agent at Sun City Financial about the open enrollment period and/or if you quality for the special election period.

At Sun City Financial, we are an independent insurance broker with your best interests in mind. We can provide Medicare quotes for all of the different plans available in Las Vegas.


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